FERALCOOTS and Other Stuff







R  Allen Swezey

FERALCOOTS and Other Stuff

Babylon, NY


Throughout my 74 years, the visual world dominated. In my early adult years it was Architecture. For the last 35 years it was Sculpture (rats,bats,vultures etc.)....One can check out my sculpture on my companion page here on FAA:.. roger-swezey.artistwebsites.com

During that time I loved drawing in ink in my free time. Here, I'm presenting a collection of sketches, drawn directly from life.

Plus my cartoon drawings of a subject I know best, what I call "FERALGNARIA"

And to keep up with the times, I've started to dabble in Digital Art

Thanks for your interest,
Roger Allen Swezey

All work in this gallery is the original work of Roger Allen Swezey. It is for sale, copyrighted to Roger Allen Swezey and as such is protected by US and international copyright. copyright Roger Allen Swezey


Four Tulips by R Allen Swezey


thanks by R Allen Swezey


Into the Unknown 3 by R Allen Swezey


Onto the Unknown by R Allen Swezey


Unknown Denied by R Allen Swezey


Into the Unknown 2 by R Allen Swezey


Into the Unknown 1 by R Allen Swezey


Fall Subtle Colors by R Allen Swezey


A Subtle Fall by R Allen Swezey


Sunset at Chrystal Beach by R Allen Swezey